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SEO Basics
  • – Create a Robots.txt file
  • – Set up Google Analytics
  • – Generate & submit sitemaps
  • – Check Search Console for manual actions
  • – Install and configure an SEO plugin (WordPress)
Keyword Research
  • – Create a keyword map
  • – Identify your competitors
  • – Find long-tail keyword variations
  • – Analyze the intent of pages that rank
  • – Identify questions that are being asked
Technical SEO
  • – Add structured data
  • – Use an SEO-friendly URL structure
  • – Check for duplicate versions of your site
  • – Check the page depth & temporary 302 redirects
  • – Find & fix crawl,broken internal & outbound links
On-Page SEO
  • – Find & fix orphan links
  • – Run a content/page audit
  • – Ensure up to-date content
  • – Improve title & meta tags, and page content
  • – Fix duplicate, missing & truncated title tags
  • – Find & fix duplicate, missing meta descriptions
Off-Page SEO
  • – Conduct a link intersect analysis
  • – Turn unlinked mentions into links
  • – Find new link-building opportunities
  • – Find relevant sites for backlinking
  • – Set up and optimize Google My Business
  • – Analyze your competitor’s link profile

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The words or phrases that define the content of a webpage or website are known as keywords. They assist users in finding pertinent information when conducting online searches as well as search engines in comprehending the subject matter of the content. The visibility and search engine rating of a website can be affected by keywords, making them crucial to SEO.

In order to increase a website's exposure and ranking on search engine results pages, SEO works by optimising its content, structure, and other components. This entails keyword study and use, the creation of quality content, increased website speed and usability, and the development of links from other reputable websites. SEO seeks to increase organic traffic and bring more qualified leads to a website through these actions.

On-page SEO is the process of enhancing a single web page so that it will appear more prominently and score higher in search engine results. This entails enhancing website speed and usefulness as well as content, meta tags, headers, and images. The quality and relevance of a website's material can be improved through on-page SEO, which can also result in more organic traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Off-page SEO is the term used to describe optimization activities carried out off-page to raise a website's visibility and search engine rating. This entails constructing trust-worthy backlinks from other pertinent and trustworthy websites, as well as taking part in social media marketing and other online advertising strategies. Off-page SEO is crucial for building a website's reputation and credibility in its niche and can significantly affect its search engine rankings.

SEO is essential for expanding your company because it raises the visibility of your website on search engine results pages, generates more organic traffic, and boosts sales and conversions. You can increase your online exposure and establish your brand as a respected expert in your industry by optimising your website for both search engines and users. This will promote long-term growth and success for your business.

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