Why Should You Create A Video?

We can give thousands of reasons but here’s the one that ultimately matters!

Attention span is melting faster than the arctic ice. 50% of people now prefer watching videos instead of scrolling through a prolonged article. Not making videos can eventually take a toll on your marketing and brand efforts.

If you don’t create videos, your prospects won’t see you.
If they don’t see you, they’ll not know you.
If they don’t know you, well, will they even buy your product or service?


Video Production Services We Provide

Event Video Production Services By Bruh Techno

Event Video Services

Event videos range in time from 30 seconds to 3+ hours and can be a “recap” or event teaser video or a multi-camera production. This type of service is used for lectures, meetings, sports, weddings, performances, and other live events.

Social Media Video Production Services By Bruh Techno

Social Media Video Services

Social media videos tend to be 15–60 seconds and can include text, music, and narration. This type of video is used across social media platforms and does particularly well on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and most TikTok alternatives.

Music Video Production Services By Bruh Techno

Music Video Services

Music video services include exactly what you imagine (a musician lip-syncing to create a video for their music) but they can also be used by other clients when the video doesn’t need an audio story. Trailers and teaser videos may fall into this category.

Educational Video Production Services

Educational Video Services

Educational videos are things like explainer videos, PSAs, tutorials, and how-to videos. They can be quick, 30-second videos or longer videos for more in-depth topics.

Commercial Or Advertising Video Production Services

Comercial or Advertising Video Services

Commercials tend to be 30–90 seconds and can be scripted, docu-style, or animated. This type of service might include sponsored content, branded content, pre-roll, etc.

Youtube Video Production Services By Bruh Techno

Youtube Video Services

These videos range from 1–30 minutes and use interview-driven storytelling. Promotional videos, infomercials, and travel videos typically fall into this category.

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate Video Services

Corporate videos include everything from long training videos to brand culture videos to promotional videos and are generally 1–60 minutes in length.

Real State Video Production Services

Real Estate Video Services

Real estate videos are typically under 5 minutes and use tons of filming techniques like drones, sliders, timelapse, and more to create a mouthwatering video experience.

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